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COVID-19 community volunteer privacy notice

What this privacy notice is for

This privacy notice provides details on how we, Norfolk County Council, use your personal information when you are acting as a volunteer for us for the purposes of meeting the exceptional challenges posed by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. By 'use' we mean the various ways your personal information may be processed including storing and sharing the information.

Further details

We also provide the following details in our general privacy notice 

  • Who we are
  • Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) and
  • How to exercise them

You can also ask us for a copy of this information.

What we use your information for

We will use the information to:

  • Assess your offer to be a volunteer
  • Connect you to support in the community as part of the response to the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Analyse your information in order to improve the services we offer to vulnerable persons and to enable us to effectively fulfil our functions to keep people safe, put contingency plans into place to safeguard those vulnerable and aid business continuity

The use of this information will be limited to what is proportionate and necessary, taking into account the latest guidance issued by Central Government and health professionals, in order to manage and contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

What personal data we collect and use about you

We will collect and use your name, date of birth, address, email address and telephone/mobile number.

We will also record:

  • Your reasons for offering to be a volunteer and to work with children and vulnerable adults
  • Details of your current employment
  • Your experience of volunteering
  • Whether you have completed safeguarding training
  • Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS checks) including information to enable a DBS check to be undertaken i.e. current driving licence; current passport; birth certificate; paper bank statement/utility bill less than 3 months old

We will also ask you if you or someone may have come into contact with the virus in the last 10 days and information relating to that.

We may also seek information about your health to determine your ability to act as volunteer. This health data is classed as "special category data" under the GDPR.  

We may also collect information concerning criminal convictions and offences if a DBS check is required.

Who provides this information?

We receive most of this information from you but we also receive your contact details from Voluntary Norfolk and Norfolk district councils.

Who we will share your information with?

We will share your information with other parts of the Council (e.g. Children's Services and Adult Social Services) for COVID-19 purposes only.

Your personal information will also be given to third parties contracted by the County Council to provide a service to the County Council. These service providers are known as data processors and have a legal obligation under GDPR and to the County Council to look after your personal information and only use it for providing that service. In particular, the County Council has entered into a contract with Voluntary Norfolk for the purposes of

  • Coordinating volunteers including DBS checks; and 
  • Coordinating the arrangement for members of the public requiring assistance of a volunteer

Any information which is shared will only be shared on a need to know basis, with appropriate individuals. Only the minimum information for the purpose will be shared.

How the law protects you and the legal basis for processing your information

We have legal grounds under the GDPR to process this information as follows:

  • Public task - the processing is necessary for us to perform a task in the public interest or for our official functions, and the task or function has a clear basis in law
  • Vital interests - the processing is necessary to protect someone's life

We have legal grounds to process (including share) special category data (i.e. your health data) and criminal convictions data because:

  • It is in the exercise of a statutory function and it is in the necessary for reasons in the substantial public interest
  • It is necessary for health or social care purposes
  • It is necessary for reasons of public interest in the area of public health

How we keep your information

The information is stored securely on our network.

Personal data processed by Voluntary Norfolk is stored by Better Impact Software Ltd in Canada, one of twelve countries outside the EU that is covered by an adequacy decision by the European Commission, meaning it is recognised as an appropriate destination for data storage. Personal data will also be stored securely on their networks.

How long will my personal data be retained by the Council?

Any information used or shared during the COVID-19 outbreak will be limited to the period of the outbreak unless there is another legal basis to use the information.

When the information is no longer needed for these purposes, it will be securely deleted.

Changes to this notice

We may amend this privacy notice at any time so please review it frequently. The date below will be amended each time this notice is updated.

This notice was updated 16 October 2020.