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St Williams Way Library

Address: Williams Loke, St Williams Way, Norwich, NR7 0AJ

Map showing the location of St Williams Way Library


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Did you know you can renew your library books online? You'll need your library card and PIN.

Opening hours

Open Library gives you access to your local library even when it is unstaffed. Find out more about Open Library.

Monday: 8am to 7pm - Open Library access

Tuesday: 8am to 12pm - Open Library access 
12 to 7pm - Library is staffed

Wednesday: 8am to 7pm - Open Library access

Thursday: 8 to 10am - Open Library access 10am to 7pm - Library is staffed

Friday: 8 to 10am - Open Library access
10am to 7pm - Library is staffed

Saturday: 8am to 12pm - Open Library access
12 to 4pm - Library is staffed

Sunday: 10am to 4pm - Open Library access

You can return items when the library is closed using the letterbox at the right hand side of the porch. Please make sure that books drop into the box completely and are not left sticking out.

Services at St Williams Way Library

Activities and events at St Williams Way

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