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Choosing a school

When you apply for a school place, you'll need to tell us which schools you would like your child to go to. We call these your preferred schools.

We recommend choosing three preferred schools. Choosing only one preferred school does not increase your chances of getting a place at that school.

Find a school

You can use the postcode search on Norfolk SchoolFinder to find schools near you.

Norfolk SchoolFinder

A Parents Guide to Admissions 2024 to 2025 (PDF) [415KB] includes information about the different types of state schools in Norfolk and how they are managed.

School catchments

If you live in the catchment area for a school, we recommend including it as one of your preferred schools. Living in the catchment area for a school can increase your chances of getting a place at that school, but it doesn't guarantee you a place at that school. Not all schools give priority to children living in a catchment area.

Find out more about a school

Check the school's admissions policy

Every school has an admissions policy - sometimes called their oversubscription rules. The school will use this policy to decide which children to offer a place to when there are more applications than available places.

You can find a school's admissions policy on Norfolk Schoolfinder.

Visit the school

Visiting a school gives you the chance to see the school's facilities and meet the staff. You might also get to talk to children who already go to the school.

Most schools have open days and events - check the school's website for dates and times.

Think about school transport

Think about how your child will travel to school.

Look at performance data and Ofsted reports

Performance data and Ofsted reports can tell you about:

  • A school's achievements, standards
  • Student development and wellbeing
  • The quality of teaching and learning
  • The care, guidance, and support the school provides

Find an Ofsted report (opens new window) 

Find school performance data on GOV.UK (opens new window)