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Governors disciplinary meeting

When exclusion is permanent, the Governors must meet within 15 school days following the permanent exclusion to review the decision. Parents/carers and a LA representative must be invited to the meeting.

Parents/carers are entitled to take a friend or legal representative to the meeting and the pupil should be encouraged to take part in all of the exclusion process, taking into account their age and understanding.

What happens?

The meeting is chaired by one of the Governors and will be as informal as possible.

  • The school (usually the Headteacher) will explain the reason(s) for the exclusion and all participants will have the opportunity to ask questions
  • Parents/carers or their representative will be asked to make a statement and may be asked questions
  • The LA representative will provide impartial advice to all parties during the meeting and may make a representation statement
  • After the meeting the Governors will make a decision, which they will confirm in writing, giving their reasons, within one school day. The Governors can either uphold the exclusion or direct re-instatement

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