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Lost examination certificates

To apply for duplicate certificates or a statement of results, you need to contact the relevant awarding body.

If you do not know which Examination Board/s you took your examinations with, then you need to contact your old school/college, who should be able to give you this information.

Make sure you tell them which year you sat the examination, as the Examination Boards used can vary from year to year.

After you have obtained this information, then you can find the contact details for the Boards, together with the current fees (where appropriate) below:

OCR (Oxford and Cambridge and RSA Exam board)

OCR have a website which includes an enquiry form that you can access to request duplicate certificates.

OCR contact details

Applications must be from the person concerned and they must provide proof of identity. A search fee will be charged.

Pearson (University of London and BTEC examinations)

Pearson have a website which includes forms for applying for a replacement certificate or letter of confirmation. There is a different form for BTEC and for GCSE/A levels. 

Contact Pearson

A search fee for BTEC and for all GCSE/A levels taken will be charged.

AQA (Replacing the old AEB and NEAB awarding bodies)

AQA have details of how to apply for lost certificates on their website.

AQA contact details

WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee)

You can apply for a certifying statement of results that will be sent to you. The cost is from £20 for one session to a maximum of £30 for 2 or more sessions. Alternatively, a letter of conformation can be sent to a third party - the cost of this is £5.

Visit the WJEC site to obtain the application form (English and Welsh versions available). 

WJEC contact details

CCEA (Northern Ireland Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment)

Visit the CCEA site for more information.

CCEA contact details

Other awarding bodies

City and Guilds

NCFE Vocational Awarding Body

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