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Meet the team


We have a great team at TITAN who are all dedicated to supporting young people to become independent travellers.

Everyone on the team has a passion for their work and one of the joys of working for the TITAN team is seeing how young people grow in confidence with every new step they take towards independent travel.

Read more about our team and we look forward to supporting you soon!

Karl Chapman, lead locality co-ordinator

What is your job?

I am the TITAN lead locality co-ordinator, so my job is to support the whole team and develop the TITAN programme. I've got lots of experience of working on programmes which help children and young people travel independently. Before that I spent 15 years working in further education. 

What makes your day?

Being able to offer support to a range of trainees and their families, creating a supportive learning environment and seeing how they flourish and achieve greater independence and increased confidence is extremely rewarding.

What do you like doing out of work?

I love being active, enjoying running, cycling and swimming. I am a coach for the City of Norwich Athletic Club in my spare time and of course not forgetting my dog Beatie who is a great companion to spend time with.

Megan Parsons, family engagement and schools co-ordinator

What is your job?

I am the family engagement and schools co-ordinator. My role is to communicate and build positive relationships with families and schools, to ensure that they know about TITAN and the how we can support them. I am working to develop and promote the take up of our TITAN Primary and Ready To Go! Programmes with schools and colleges across Norfolk. I have collectively been working in schools and Children's Services for 10 years now.

What makes your day?

I love being able to work on many different projects, collaborating with schools, families, and other members of the team to help bring positive changes to people's lives.

What do you like to do out of work?

Outside of work I enjoy doing workouts and taking my dog, Chia, on long walks - we especially like the beach. I also love going out for food with friends and family and stopping off for a tea and pastry on my morning walks is always a great way to start the day.

Aside from this I love interior design and home renovation, I am constantly making changes to my home, nothing stays in the same place for long!

Katie Cary, family engagement and schools co-ordinator

What is your job? 

I am the Schools and Family Engagement Co-ordinator. My role is to build and foster positive relationships with schools and families across Norfolk, to ensure effective engagement with the TITAN programme and best support those young people and adults in their journey to become independent travellers. Previously, I have worked in the education sector as a teacher and a drama practitioner for adults with learning disabilities.  

What makes your day? 

I really enjoy collaborating with schools and families to achieve the best outcomes - this looks different every single day! I am incredibly passionate about ensuring access for all, something I am able to champion in this role.  

What do you like to do out of work? 

Outside of work, I try to see as much theatre as possible! I love a wide range of theatre, from West-End musicals to Shakespearean plays, and tend to drag my family or friends out to see it with me! 

I enjoy baking and will always volunteer to make a birthday cake for my loved ones. Running and going to the gym are also some of my favourite pastimes, as well as being outdoors. 

Photograph of Karl Chapman and a dog
Karl Chapman
Photograph of Megan Parsons
Megan Parsons
Katie Cary
Katie Cary

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