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TITAN success stories

Small steps make big changes

Our program is designed to empower individuals to travel independently with confidence. We understand that independence is not just about travelling; it's about building self-confidence and resilience. Our 1-2-1 training is tailored to suit the unique needs and abilities of each young person, so they feel supported and empowered throughout their journey.

What sets us apart

  • 99% independence success: Over 99% of our trainees continue to travel independently after 1-2-1 training. We believe in nurturing confidence, so that individuals are well prepared for their travel needs. (Data collected April 2021 to October 2023)
  • 100% recommendation rate: The satisfaction of our trainees and their families is very important to us. 100% of people who've used our service would recommend it to others. We take pride in the positive impact we bring to their lives. (Data collected April to October 2023)

Success stories

Our success stories speak for themselves. Here's what a few of our parents/carers had to say after their young person was supported to become an independent traveller:

"The trainer tailored the training to suit the needs and ability of my son, giving him the confidence to travel independently."

"My daughter gained masses of confidence using the bus, thanks to the support she received. She now navigates her daily commute with ease and safety."

"The training provided my child with immense confidence, enabling them to navigate public transport comfortably. They're now travelling daily, thanks to the support received."

Each success story highlights the enthusiasm of our team, as they empower young people to embrace independent travel.

We also understand the challenges and anxiety of starting to travel independently. For instance, one parent shared,

"Before the program, I didn’t think my daughter would manage the school bus due to her anxiety. However, with our support, she's now almost finished her first term, travelling independently each day."

Our travel mentors take the time to build relationships, understand anxieties, and carefully plan journeys. This ensures a smooth transition to independent travel, building confidence every step of the way.

The feedback from satisfied parents shows how hard our team works to make sure every young person gains the necessary skills and confidence to travel independently.

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