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2016-17 Pothole action fund

In April 2016 the Government announced details of a 'Pothole action fund', which allocated money to local authorities to be spent on fixing potholes or the prevention of potholes. 

As part of the fund, we received £1,616,000.

In line with Department for Transport guidance to promote greater transparency we will publish an annual progress report by the end of March 2017 showing;

  • How much money has been spent
  • Details of how many potholes have been permanently repaired or the length of resurfacing that has taken place to stop the formation of potholes
  • What we had originally budgeted to spend this financial year and how this additional funding has complemented the wider maintenance expenditure

This funding must complement (rather than displace) planned highway maintenance expenditure for 2016/17.

Our capital structural maintenance budget prior to the announcement of the pothole fund was £32,340,000 consisting of

  • £26,254,000 Structural maintenance Grant (DfT)
  • £1,605,000 incentive fund (DfT)
  • £2,930,000 Challenge fund for Greater Norwich Surface Water Scheme (DfT)
  • £200,000 County Council reserves (match funding for challenge fund) (NCC)
  • £241,000 Capital integrated transport grant directed by NCC to structural maintenance
  • £1,110,000 Local Growth Fund (LEP)

= £32,340,000

+  £1,616,000 Pothole action fund

= £33,956,000 (increase of 5%)

Report on distribution of the pothole fund 2016-17

The pothole fund was distributed as follows:

‘A’ road resurfacing: £448,144
‘A’ surface dressing: £63,320
‘B’ road resurfacing: £116,487
‘B’ surface dressing: £23,633
‘C’ road resurfacing; £656,339
‘U’ road resurfacing: £48,491
Patching: £259,586
Pothole Fund: £1,616,000

It should be noted that the DfT guidance was funding must complement (rather than displace) planned highway maintenance expenditure for 2016/17.  Norfolk had already made provision for £7,681,772 of funding on potholes and patching.

Specific schemes included:

C485 Yarmouth Road
Traffic lights/junction with The Street and Stocks Lane - Resurfacing 

Bracon Ash
B1113 The Turnpike
C194 Roundabout to 50m West C181 - Surface dressing

B1153 Mill Road
Field House Farm - Patching

B1153 Grimston Rd
St Andrews junction - Resurfacing

A1075 Shipdham Road
South Green junction with Westfield Road - Resurfacing

A1075 Shipdham Road
Anti-skid area around School Lane junction - Resurfacing

A1067 Clipbush Lane
Morrisons roundabout - Resurfacing

A148 Fakenham Bypass
A1067 roundabout - Resurfacing

C551 Norwich Road
Norwich Road from Aldi to Thorn Road - Resurfacing

C590 Holt Road
Outside B&Q - Resurfacing

C875 The Green
Junction Halvergate Road to south of Church - Resurfacing

Great Yarmouth
A149 Acle New Road
Asda Junction to A47 roundabout (Acle-bound) - Resurfacing

Great Yarmouth
B1141 Alexandra Road
Crown Road to C610 - Resurfacing

Great Yarmouth
C628 North Drive
Junction with Barnard Avenue - Resurfacing

North Walsham
19661 Manor Road
Junction with 10337 Pound Road - Resurfacing

C252 Fifers Lane
Fifers Lane roundabout and approaches to Ives Road - Resurfacing

C596 Harvey Lane
Lime Tree Avenue to Stanley Avenue - Resurfacing

C866 All Saints Green
New turning head outside John Lewis - Resurfacing

C826 North End Lane
A11 interchange roundabouts and approaches - Patching

A1065 Castle Acre Road
From The Splashes to A47 slip - Resurfacing

A140 Norwich Road
Stoke Lane to Church Lane - Surface dressing

A1067 Fakenham Road
Junction Fir Covert Road - Patching

Tilney All Saints
C26 Station Road
A17 to Whitecross Lane - Resurfacing

Tivetshall/Great Moulton
C344 Moulton Road
Outside mill - Haunching/resurfacing

A1101 Wash Road
SMA joint at bridge through to SD joint at bridge - Surface dressing

A134 Wereham Bypass Roundabout
Roundabout/B1161 junction - Resurfacing

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