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2017-18 Pothole action fund

In March 2017 the Government confirmed details of the ‘Pothole action fund’ which allocated money to local authorities to be spent on fixing potholes or the prevention of potholes. This fund is now shown in the current spending review period to 2020-21 but may be varied in size due to additional announcements by government.

The allocation in March 2017 was £2,476,000.

On 1 February 2018 they made additional award for 2017-18 which due to the timing is understandably being spent in 2018-19, details for which can be seen on our report for that year.

Our capital structural maintenance budget prior to the confirmation of the pothole fund was £35,341,000 consisting of:

  • £25,459,000 Structural maintenance Grant (DfT)
  • £2,448,000 incentive fund (DfT)
  • £4,193,000 Challenge fund for Greater Norwich Surface Water Scheme (DfT) 
  • £180,000 County Council reserves (match funding for challenge fund) (NCC)
  • £631,000 Capital integrated transport grant directed by NCC to structural maintenance
  • £2,430,000 National Productivity Investment Fund
    = £35,341,000
    + £2,476,000 Pothole action fund
    = £37,817,000 An increase of 7%

This funding has enabled additional spending divided between:

  • Patching/pothole repair £1,616,000
  • Surfacing £860,000

Specific schemes

‘A’ road resurfacing: £860,000 at 3 location approximately 3 miles in length

Old Hunstanton
A149 Old Hunstanton Road From 30m east of junc U22149 Church Road to junc C89 Peddars

A1062 Yarmouth Road
From 100metres northeast of junc U19125 Latchmoor Lane to junc U19193 Fritton Lane

A148 Fakenham Road
Joint near 50-60 SL to joint before lay-by West of U22002 Abbey Road

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