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Residents' survey

In summer 2019 the Council commissioned M E L Research to undertake on its behalf a doorstep survey of 1148 residents across Norfolk to gain valuable insight into their opinion of the Council and its services, the area where they live and what they think the Council should focus on improving in the future.

The survey was statistically valid with representative sample by age group, gender and rural/urban split.

Satisfaction with local area

88% of residents were very (42%) or fairly (45%) satisfied with their local area as a place to live.

How the council runs things

75% of residents were very (15%) or fairly (60%) satisfied with the way the council ran things. 16% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied and 8% were dissatisfied.

Value for money

60% of residents strongly agreed (7%) or tended to agree (53%) that the council provided value for money. 24% neither agreed nor disagreed and 16% disagreed.

The Council will be using the results from the survey to support future decision making and setting priorities to improve services and make Norfolk an even better place to live.

Download a copy of the report (PDF) [4MB]