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Promoting electric vehicle use

Reasons to drive an electric vehicle

There are many good reasons to look to an electric vehicle (EV) as your next car, if you haven't already got one.

Financial benefits

As with all new cars, EVs can be expensive to buy outright. But given the recent increases in petrol and diesel prices, they can be less expensive to run than combustion engine cars, not only through cheaper fuel costs but also lower maintenance and tax costs.

Many public chargepoints operate at around 35p and 60p per kWh per kW, and many EVs average 25-30kWh per 100 miles. So about £10 of charging at one of the least expensive chargepoints or £18 at a more expensive one would provide about 100 miles of driving in such an EV.

If you can charge at home however, prices may be even more favourable. Also, if your car is a BEV, which is a fully electric vehicle, you won't have to pay Vehicle Excise Duty until at least 2025.

Environmental benefits

While EVs charge using the power grid, they do not emit harmful exhaust fumes in the same manner as combustion engine vehicles.

Even hydrogen-fuelled vehicles are not currently classed as zero-emission - only BEVs are. As the grid starts to use more renewable means of generating energy, EVs will become greener.

We're looking at the feasibility of using modular solar carports for charging EVs at some suitable locations.

Benefits to society

As a society we are shifting towards greener ways of living and travelling. You may have seen more cars on the road with green tags at the ends of their number plates, which some EVs have.

EVs are becoming increasingly popular and after 2030, sales of ICE cars are due to end in the UK.

Benefits for businesses

For businesses, the switch to EV is well worth considering. EV fleet and company car schemes are becoming more popular and Norfolk County Council is no exception.

We have our own EV pool cars for staff use and are looking to have battery-electric fleet vehicles as part of our EV Strategy.

The lower the emissions from a vehicle, the greater the tax benefit attached to it. So choosing an electric car as a company or fleet vehicle is financially sound reasoning.

According to Saffery Champness, there are various capital allowances businesses can enjoy by buying an EV.

The government's Plug-In Car Grant provides a discount of up to:

  • £2,500 on EVs up to £35,000 in value
  • £3,000 for small vans
  • £6,000 for large vans

You can also have chargepoints installed at your business premises. If you have favourable energy rates, this can help keep charging costs down. Find out more about workplace charging grants from GOV.UK

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