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User RoleNameDate of DisclosureLogger NameRelevant Event DateDetailsCompany OrganiserCompany NameGift Value (£)Accepted or Declined
OfficerCeri Sumner08/08/2023Info Withheld06/10/2023Complimentary ticket to attend AFSA Conference.Info WithheldAFSAInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerGrahame Bygrave02/08/2023Info Withheld11/10/2023Invitation to National Highways Awards at Park Plaza, London, as a guest of NorseNorseNational Highways Awards50.00Accepted
OfficerSimon Hughes28/07/2023Info WithheldInfo WithheldInvitation to St Martin's Housing Trust 50th Anniversary gala event at Sprowston Manor Hotel, as a guest of LovellLovellSt Martin's Housing Trust20.00Accepted
OfficerSimon Hughes28/07/2023Info Withheld26/07/2023Lunch provided at The White Swan, Great Yarmouth, as a guest of Torrington Properties Ltd, a Repton supplier.Torrington Properties LimitedTorrington Properties LimitedInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerKurt Frary26/07/2023Info Withheld18/08/2023Invitation to attend an international conference, funded by SOCITM, in Kansas City, USA between August 18th and the 24th. As Head of IT has membership of and also Vice President of SOCITM (Society for Innovation, Technology and modernisation) Part of the role of Vice President is to represent both NCC and SOCITM nationally and sometimes internationally. The conference is LOLA, the Linked Organisation of Local Authority ICT Societies. LOLA is a non profit organisation of ICT professional associations from different countries sharing common values that include: Delivering public services; Being publically accountable; Managing IS/IT; Sharing experiences good and bad; Sharing best practice; Avoiding re-inventing the wheel; Voluntary contributions.SOCITMSOCITMInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerCeri Sumner25/07/2023Info Withheld23/07/2023Attendance at Bressingham Steam Museum to support Norfolk Fire Museum exhibition and take photos for communications purposes â€" no food or drink providedBressingham Steam MuseumBressingham Steam MuseumInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerCeri Sumner25/07/2023Info Withheld14/07/2023Attendance at the NCC Chairman's Summer Reception, representing NFRS. On call so no alcohol.Norfolk County CouncilInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerCeri Sumner25/07/2023Info WithheldInfo WithheldAttendance at both days of the Royal Norfolk Show interacting with members of the public and promoting the fire service. No dinners attended but did attend the Lord Lieutenant reception. On-call so no alcoholRoyal Norfolk ShowRoyal Norfolk ShowInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerCeri Sumner25/07/2023Info WithheldInfo WithheldAttendance at High Sheriff Reception, representing NFRS at drinks reception to welcome new High Sheriff. On call so no alcohol.High SheriffHigh SheriffInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerDebbie Bartlett25/07/2023Info Withheld05/07/2023One night's accommodation at HighCliff Marriott Hotel, Bournemouth, provided by Newton Europe whilst attending the LGA Conference to discuss proactive interventions within Adult Social ServicesInfo WithheldNewton Europe50.00Accepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld05/07/2023Drinks ReceptionLGA ConferenceLocalis and CapitaInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld04/07/2023DinnerLGA ConferencePenna and Inner CircleInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld05/07/2023LunchLGA ConferenceCapitaInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld03/05/2023LunchInfo WithheldNorwich Theatre RoyalInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerScott NormanInfo WithheldInfo Withheld22/04/202325 tickets donated by Norwich City Football Club for match on 22 April 2023. Tickets offered to members of Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service as part of a wellbeing initiative promoting team activity.Norwich City Football ClubInfo Withheld50.00Accepted
OfficerGrahame Bygrave21/02/2023Info Withheld30/06/2023Invitation from Tarmac to attend Civil Engineers Contractors Association Southern annual lunch and awards event at The Brewery, Chiswell Street, London.CECACECA50.00Accepted
OfficerSimon Hughes01/02/2023Info Withheld20/02/2023Attendance at The Chartered Institute of Housing Annual President's Dinner to be held at The Brewery, Montcalm London, as a guest of Lovell. Overnight accommodation to be provided by Lovell.LovellLovell50.00Accepted
OfficerJill Terrell20/12/2022Info Withheld24/11/2022Invitation to attend the Norfolk Business Awards, as a guest of the University of East Anglia.NewsquestNewsquest160.00Accepted
OfficerDaniel Osborne23/11/2022Info Withheld30/11/2022Attendance at a charity rugby match followed by a meal, organised by Turner and Towsend.Turner and TownsendTurner and Townsend50.00Accepted
OfficerDavid Allfrey08/11/2022Info Withheld17/11/2022Attendance at the National Infrastructure Planning Association annual dinner, in London.NIPANIPA50.00Accepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld02/11/2022Dinner and then football in the Directors boxCommunity Sports FoundationInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld08/11/2022Dinner at Norwich CBI event as a guest of NorseCBINorseInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerDean Hawkins17/10/2022Info Withheld27/10/2022Attendance at Highway Electrical Association AGM Conference and Exhibition, which includes travel, overnight stay and evening meal, provided courtesy of Amey PLC.Amey PLCHighway Electrical Association50.00Accepted
OfficerGraham Bygrave03/10/2022Info Withheld19/10/2022Attendance at National Highway Awards, as a guest of Norse Group.Norse HighwaysHemming Group50.00Accepted
CouncillorKaren VincentInfo WithheldInfo Withheld20/07/2022The Chairman received a hand-tied bouquet from the St Edmunds Society at their awards ceremony.St Edmunds SocietyInfo Withheld40.00Accepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo WithheldInfo WithheldDinner with a guestNorwich Theatre RoyalInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerSimon Hughes06/09/2021Info Withheld09/09/2021Presidents LuncheonInfo WithheldIRRV60.00Accepted
CouncillorPenny Carpenter11/10/2021Info Withheld10/10/2021Annual Lunch and Waitrose British ChrysanthemumsDirectorN&N NOVISAD50.00Accepted
OfficerSimon Hughes06/10/2021Info Withheld10/10/2021Savills Eastern Region Development SeminarInfo WithheldSavills20.00Accepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld29/09/2021Strategy Event and DinnerInfo WithheldInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld01/10/2021DinnerBritish MuseumInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
CouncillorGraham Plant23/09/2021Info Withheld21/09/2021Norwich match tickets and mealNorwich CSCommunity Sports Foundation100.00Accepted
CouncillorAndrew Proctor23/09/2021Info Withheld21/09/2021Norwich match tickets and mealNorwich CSCommunity Sports Foundation100.00Accepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld27/06/2021Afternoon Tea in the Bishops GardenBishop of NorwichInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld17/09/2021Invitation to the MJ Awards EventMunicipal JournalNorseInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld08/09/2021An evening with Dippy the Dinosaur at Norwich CathedralNorwich Research ParkInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerSimon HughesInfo WithheldInfo Withheld09/09/2021Hospitality form Institute of Revenue Ratings & Valuation ACES President's LuncheonInfo WithheldIRRV60.00Accepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld27/06/2021Afternoon TeaBishop of NorwichInfo WithheldInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld11/02/2020Army Engagement Team EventInfo WithheldThe Army Engagement GroupInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerGrahame BygraveInfo WithheldInfo Withheld06/02/2020Norfolk Property DinnerInfo WithheldLovellsInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld15/01/2020She-Go Looks Back from Behind at 2019 Show at the Norwich PlayhoiuseInfo WithheldNorwich Theatre RoyalInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabe18/12/2019Info Withheld14/11/2019MoD Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award Presentation Evening including DinnerMinistry of DefenceMinistry of DefenceInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerSimon HughesInfo WithheldInfo Withheld25/09/2019Hospitality Table at NCFC match against Manchester United 27 October.Info WithheldMills & reeve LLPInfo WithheldDeclined
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld10/12/2019NOSCAS Holiday Inn, Cromer Road. Norfolk ConstabularyInfo WithheldNorfolk ConstabularyInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld03/10/2019Norfolk Community Foundation Awards St Andrews HallInfo WithheldNCCInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld27/09/2019The unveiling of Turner's Walton Bridges Norwich Castle Museum & Art GalleryInfo WithheldNCCInfo WithheldAccepted
DirectorTom McCabeInfo WithheldInfo Withheld25/09/2019Flagship Group Board Dinner @ Sprowston ManorInfo WithheldFlagshipInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerGraham BygraveInfo WithheldInfo Withheld13/12/2019Tarmac invitation to attend the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation Annual Luncheon in London.Info WithheldTarmacInfo WithheldAccepted
OfficerSimon HughesInfo WithheldInfo Withheld21/10/2019Eastern Region Development Seminar including Lunch at Jockey Club in Newmarket from SavillsInfo WithheldSavillsInfo WithheldAccepted

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