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Get involved in politics

Whether you're a member of Youth Parliament or not, you can get your voice heard and make a difference to our county and our world.

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Here are our top ten ways to get involved in politics and campaign for issues that matter to you.

Attend and organise events

You could attend debates at your school or college and talk about what your passionate about.

Look out for events that local campaign groups are running and have an input - you could even ask to be a speaker. 

You could create your own event in your community or local school/ college. Invite different speakers along to talk about important political topics. If you want some top tips on setting up an event, email

You can sign up to hear about news, campaigns and opportunities in your community.

Educate yourself

Educating yourself about political issues is the first step to changing the world. It gives you a well-informed opinion on important topics.

Make sure you fact check your information. For example, try to look at a variety of information sources and view points.

Find who your local MP and councillors are

Find out who your local MP and councillors are and how to contact them. If you are unhappy with something in your local community, get in touch with them.

Volunteer your time

Volunteer your time to organisations that support your values. You can volunteer your time to local or national organisations.

Find volunteering opportunities on Help You Choose.

Attend decision meetings

Attend meetings where people are making decisions about your local community and services. For example, at school councils or Norfolk Youth Advisory Boards.

Ask them questions.

Find out what opportunities are available by speaking to:

Join a campaign or pressure group

Join a campaign or pressure group to support campaigns you are passionate about. Ask the group organisers how to get involved.

Pressure groups campaign to try to make a difference to Government policy. They carry out planned campaign activities but are not part of the Government.

Examples of pressure groups include:

Set up your own campaign

If you can't find a campaign or group that is discussing the issues you care about, set up your own campaign.

Tell people about it so they can support your cause. As a group you can campaign about your chosen topic.

We can provide you with information and resources to help you achieve your campaign goal. Email us what you would like to achieve at

Register to vote

Register to vote when you reach the right age.

When you can vote in elections, make sure you vote in local and national elections.

Sign or create a petition

Find petitions to sign on the e-petition website. Or create an e-petition about anything that the Government handles.

If a petition gets at least 100,000 signatures, MPs will debate the issue in the House of Commons. MPs could decide to act on the issue.

Become a youth parliament member

Find out how to become a youth parliament member if you are 11-18 years-old.

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