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1 Million Trees for Norfolk

Trees In The Sunset

Norfolk's trees give us beautiful landscapes and good quality of life.

They also:

  • Provide safe habitats for wildlife
  • Help tackle climate change
  • Boost our health and wellbeing

What we are doing

We launched the 1 Million Trees for Norfolk project in November 2020.

We aim to plant 1 million trees across Norfolk in the next five years. We will do this with:

  • Partners
  • Landowners
  • Residents
  • Communities
  • District councils
  • Parish councils

1 million trees represents more than one tree per resident (population of 908,000 in 2019).

This project will help us achieve net zero carbon by 2030. This goal is part of our Environmental Policy.

How we will do it

We aim to establish trees in many ways, including:

  • Planting new trees
  • Better management of existing trees (such as 'releasing' trees from hedgerows)
  • Natural regeneration (self-seeding)

You can  download our Tree Planting and Resilience Strategy (PDF) [7MB] to read how we will plant the trees.

Why Norfolk's trees and hedges are important

Our trees are important because:

  • They help tackle climate change by storing carbon
  • They offer cool, shady areas and absorb pollutants
  • A mix of species will help Norfolk adapt to future climate change, pests and diseases
  • Volunteering as well as planting and caring for trees helps boost wellbeing
  • They create valuable green spaces for local people
  • If you plant trees and hedges properly, it creates safe and diverse wildlife corridors that link and protect habitats
  • They stabilise soil and protect against wind damage
  • They reduce surface water run-off, flooding and snowdrift
  • Trees can provide us with food crops and other useful materials

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