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Grant funding in North Norfolk and Breckland areas

We are offering 100% grant funding for tree planting in certain areas of Norfolk.

We are working with North Norfolk District Council and Breckland Council to offer these grants which are part of a research trial funded through the Trees Outside Woodlands project. 

Where are we offering funding?

We have selected areas based on mapping which has looked at connectivity to woodland. We are encouraging planting in these areas to create a more joined up landscape.

We are offering funding within the district councils of North Norfolk and Breckland.

Check which areas can get funding.

What we can fund

We are able to provide funding for planting, protection and works.

Type of planting

We can fund a wide range of tree planting including, but not limited to:

  • In-field trees individual trees
  • Hedgerows
  • Trees within hedgerows
  • Small wooded areas less than 0.2ha (hectares) in size
  • Orchards

Planting stock

We normally fund planting of whips or feathers (small trees when planted) as they are more likely to establish well with less maintenance than larger trees. There are situations where larger trees may be better and these will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

When assessing a grant application we will consider value for money. We may offer partial funding for trees which we consider to be too expensive.

We can fund a wide range of species. Please email for a full list.

What we can't fund

  • Larger areas of woodland or tree planting within existing woodland
  • Tree planting which is part of a planning consent or a way to restock trees after felling
  • Planting projects with fewer than 5 trees

How to apply

  • View the map and check your tree planting location is eligible for funding. 
  • Are you the landowner? If not you'll need to check you have permission from the landowner for planting
  • Email with details of what you'd like to plant and the planting location. This should ideally be a grid reference and you can find this information via the UK grid reference finder website
  • We will then send you a short application form to complete

We will award grants on a first come first served basis (if you meet the grant criteria).

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