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How to source and plant trees

How to source trees


You should ask about the origin of the trees so you know the source of the seeds and where the trees are grown. This could stop tree and other plant diseases entering the UK.

Plant Healthy provides tree nurseries with certification.

Tree nurseries - suppliers of Norfolk County Council

  • The Woodland Trust (various suppliers)
  • Trees Please Ltd (Northumberland)
  • Hillier Nurseries Ltd (Hampshire)
  • Cheviot (Berwick upon Tweed)
  • Alba Trees
  • Aveland Trees

You may also wish to use a local company.

Community tree nurseries

Community tree nurseries collect seeds and nuts locally for traceability and biosecurity. For example, Salhouse community tree nursery. To see if they have trees available and for information about volunteering and planting events, contact

How to plant trees

You can get expert advice from the Woodland Trust on how to plant trees.

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