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Property building management

The challenge

Norfolk County Council manages many small, medium and large properties across the region. It's difficult to understand if they are being heated and temperature controlled in a way that makes them cost efficient and environmentally compliant.

Many buildings do not have sophisticated building management systems or half hourly read meters. It is hard to know if they are being heated at the correct times, particularly if they are public facing buildings. For example, if they being over-heated in closed hours,

Our solution

Using the long range wide area network (LoRaWAN), the project set out to provide a consolidated view of the first ten buildings in an estate of about 400.

Installing a LoRaWAN based temperature, light and humidity sensor provided half hourly data to a web-based dashboard.

Real world benefits

The ten-site proof of concept is providing valuable data highlighting the environmental and heating conditions at remote locations. With plans to analyse and optimise the buildings' conditions, as a guide we are projecting a conservative average of a 1% saving.

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