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Walking and jogging safety tips

Person jogging at night

Pedestrians, and particularly child pedestrians, are the most vulnerable of all road users. It's important all pedestrians follow the safety tips below, and more importantly, we pass on these good habits to children, the next generation of road users.

  • Follow the green cross code - Stop, Look, Listen
  • Never assume a driver will stop for you at a pedestrian crossing, wait for them to stop
  • If you are walking where there isn't a pavement (i.e. country road) walk on the right hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic and wear something bright or reflective to make yourself seen
  • Avoid walking next to the kerb with your back to the traffic
  • Look out for motorcycles and bicycles travelling between lanes of traffic
  • Make sure you can reach the pavement without having to walk around obstacles i.e. parked cars, road works, skips etc.
  • When crossing at any pedestrian crossing keep looking, it's not uncommon for drivers to go through red lights
  • When walking with children, keep them on the side of the path furthest away from the traffic
  • Be aware of the distraction caused by headphones or texting when walking


When out running, you may feel safe as you're not strictly a 'road user'. However it's still important to focus on the road activity around you, especially when running across the roads, keen not to lose your pace.

  • Watch out for cyclists and other hazards on the path
  • Take care at junctions. It's annoying to slow your pace, but it's better to be safe than sorry
  • Be aware of the distraction caused by headphones or texting
  • If you are jogging where there are no pavements, run towards the oncoming traffic, this will allow traffic to see you more clearly
  • Drivers sometimes don't know you are there due to bends in roads, parked cars and blind summits - so make sure drivers so can see you
  • Don't race drivers to junctions let them go first, if you get it wrong you'll be the one that comes of worse
  • If jogging with a friend or a group and you meet oncoming traffic, get in single file
  • Make sure you are seen, by wearing hi-visibility clothing, armbands, wrist bands etc
  • Never assume you have been seen by a driver
  • Do not force pedestrians off the path, if you have to run in the road make sure you look behind you first

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