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New roads

We need to invest in the transport system in order to meet changing requirements.

Realistically we are only able to build new roads such as the A1270 Broadland Northway (Norwich NDR), or make improvements if there is a problem to resolve.

The Local Transport Plan progress reports describe our progress towards some key transport targets.


If a developer builds a residential, commercial or industrial development a legal agreement is made with us with a view to the roadway becoming part of the public highway network.

The main criteria are:

  • The developer proposing adoption must prove that they have ownership rights
  • The roadway must be built to our standard construction specification
  • The roadway must meet current design standards in terms of road layout
  • Suitable highway drainage must be provided and any necessary deeds of easement obtained from third parties
  • Street lighting must be provided to current specification (if required)

We also need a financial contribution towards the future maintenance of the roadways and street lighting.  In addition commuted sums are necessary for the future maintenance of any adoptable soakaways, landscaped areas and structures.

If the road under construction is to be adopted, (not all are), then our role as Highway Authority is solely to ensure that is it built to the appropriate standard and adequately drained.

Section 38 Agreements

Conveyancing solicitors will normally carry out a Land Charges search to ascertain whether the dedication of a new road is secured within an adoption agreement with Norfolk County Council, which is known as a Section 38 Agreement.

To obtain a copy of a Section 38 Agreement, please send your request, together with a copy of the CON29 search declaring the relevant agreement, to

As an acknowledgement, you will receive the County Council's BACS details, together with a reference number, in order to make an electronic payment of £48 (inclusive of VAT) which is the fee for supplying the copy document.

Once the payment has been tracked, the copy Section 38 Agreement will be issued by email.

Find out more information about adopted and private road agreements.