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Photo guidance

Official guidelines state a 'passport style' photo is acceptable: this refers to both the size (45 x 35mm) and look of the photo. 

The photograph should be less than 6 months old, and should be in colour. Black and white photos will not be accepted and will result in your application being returned to you or put on hold.

Ensure your photograph meets the following standard requirements.

Size and position

Look directly ahead, straight at the camera.

Series of photos for guidance on size and position. 'Correct' is head and shoulders, 'Too far away' also shows arms, 'Too close' shows only head.

Image background

Avoid patterns and other images in the background. A plain, pale background is clearer.

Two image background guidance photos. One 'Correct' and another, with leafy wallpaper, described as: 'Patterned background is not acceptable'

Image must be clear

Your face must be clearly visible and the image must not be blurry.

Series of photos illustrating 'Correct' and not correct: 'Too blurred to capture detail', where scarf covers face it's noted 'Face must be visible', 'glasses must not cover the eyes'

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