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What will the new crossing look like?

The bridge will be a twin leaf bascule design that will open in the middle to allow taller river traffic through.  It will have a minimum clearance of 4.5m above Mean High Water High Spring Level (MHWSL) to the underside of the bridge when lowered.  The counterweights for the bridge will be below-deck.

The bridge will carry four lanes of traffic and this will continue onto the approaches on both sides of the river, with dual carriageway roads connecting into a new roundabout on the western side of the river and a new traffic-light controlled junction on the eastern side of the river.  The artist's impression gives a good indication of how the bridge and its approaches will look in the context of the wider area.

What provision would be made for cyclists and pedestrians?

Great Yarmouth has a cycle network, which includes pedalway routes on Southtown Road and Admiralty Road on either side of the River Yare.  The current proposed scheme has cycle facilities to link these two routes. These would include a 4.5m segregated footway/cycletrack on the north side and a 2.5m footway on the south side.

What are the opportunities for open space?

The area around the bridge support structure at Bollard Quay on the western side of the River Yare provides the opportunity for a new public space, for pedestrians and cyclists.  The type of mechanism developed for the double leaf bascule bridge, and the impact and footprint upon Bollard Quay, will further inform the design of the public space and connecting pedestrian/cycle routes.  The public space will also be designed to allow access for maintenance to the crossing.

The western approach to the crossing features pedestrian and cyclist routes north and south of the embankment structures, to enhance connectivity between Southtown Road and destinations west of this area including Suffolk Road, the allotments, and Southtown Common. There is an opportunity to enhance these areas through varied planting and tree species.

Artist's impression of Third River Crossing bridge, with bridge open
Artist's impression of the proposed bridge

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