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Library computers and wifi terms and conditions

  • Take care of your own personal data and log off at the end of your session
  • You may lock the PC mid-session by clicking the Pause session button, if you need to leave the PC temporarily for any reason. Your session will time out if you are away for longer than 10 minutes.
  • Internet access is filtered in the library. Occasionally undesirable material may appear, or sites of interest may be blocked.
  • It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with third party providers on the internet and read their terms and conditions. The internet is not a secure medium. Check security settings when you share personal or confidential information with third parties.
  • Be aware that information on the internet may not be reliable or accurate
  • We welcome you to watch live television and catch-up programmes as we have provided a TV licence that covers viewing for customers
  • Anything saved to the PC hard drive will not be saved between sessions. If you want to keep any work, save it to a memory stick, other external storage device or cloud storage before the session ends. Remember to take any memory sticks or other digital storage devices away with you after your session. Any devices left behind will be treated as lost property and will be kept for 14 days. Any devices not claimed in that time will be securely disposed of.

You must agree to the following to use one of our computers or our WIFI connection:

  • I will only use my own library account and PIN to access the internet
  • I will only create, look at, copy, store, send or publish material which is not obscene, racist, defamatory or otherwise unlawful
  • I will use the services with respect to others, without causing harassment or gross offence and will not try to damage the equipment or software
  • I will observe all copyright, data and intellectual property rights of published material on the internet, including social media sites
  • I will not restart a PC unless told to do so by a member of staff
  • I will not try to install any software, try and bypass the required login procedure or switch PCs on or off
  • I will operate legally and be aware that activity is logged and could be investigated either by the Council or the Police and result in criminal proceedings or a ban from the library
  • I understand that Norfolk County Council can accept no liability for the misuse of the internet or any claim, loss or liability resulting from my use of the internet, computers or WIFI, and that it is my responsibility to pay any fees or charges that are incurred

Staff have the right to ask you to stop using the computer or internet if they have cause to do so.