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Monique Branston, Up 'N' Mellow

Monique Branston is the founder of Up 'N' Mellow, a business started in May 2023 making a range of instant porridges that are highly nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare. Monique has attended a range of in-person and online BIPC Norfolk events, including showcasing her products at a food fair in King's Lynn Library.

More about Monique

What was the inspiration for your business idea?

The idea came about to launch the new product range when I became nostalgic for peanut porridge, my favourite porridge as a child growing up in Jamaica. Having shopped around near and far as well as searched online, I found that peanut porridge is not sold as a product anywhere on the market. Having made the traditional recipe in my kitchen, I then decided to create an original instant peanut porridge recipe that you can have on-the-go anytime of the day.

As there is access to a range of different tree nuts which would also suit the British market, I was inspired to use my original recipe to create porridges using cashew nuts, almonds, pecans and walnuts. Further research led me to include a fruit variety for each nut product.

This range is innovative in that it will be the first of its kind anywhere on the market. Each porridge pot is made from all natural, plant-based ingredients with no added milk, therefore suitable for vegans or anyone with an allergy to milk/milk products.


What BIPC services or activities did you use?

I attended a range of in-person and online events, including Women in Business networking sessions, Cybersecurity for Business workshop, Entrepreneur in Residence talk, Business Builder sessions presented by NatWest, as well as Spotlight sessions on finding your customer, sales strategies, and using TikTok and Instagram.

I also attended a one-to-one session on intellectual property. All these sessions have been very useful in terms of providing practical tips, advice and information needed for starting a business. In addition, through the BIPC networking sessions I have attended, I was able to meet other entrepreneurs who shared their insights and knowledge about valuable resources I have since been able to utilise to help develop my business idea.


What are your plans for the future?

After launching my business in May 2023, my long-term plan is to establish my brand in the market and gradually grow my business.


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