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Emergency foster care

Emergency foster care gives a home to children or young people when we urgently need to keep them safe.

You must have previous experience of fostering to be an emergency carer.

As an emergency carer, you may be needed at any time of day or night, including weekends. You may need to provide care for up to ten days.

Emergency carers work on a rota system. They are on call for a week at a time.

As you gain experience as an emergency foster carer, you may want to consider providing PACE bed placements too.

Fees for emergency foster care

As an emergency foster carer, you will get a £250 retainer for each week you are on call. This is paid on the understanding that you will immediately accept an emergency placement if one is needed while you are on call.

If we call on you to provide an emergency placement, you will get a £343 per week enhanced placement fee. This will be paid pro rata for the length of the emergency placement.

Children who need foster care

Why children might need foster care and the type of support different children will need

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