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Social Care Online Accounts


A Social Care Online Account allows you to:

  • See information from a social care record
  • Receive documents
  • Complete forms online

Who can have an account

Your worker will discuss it with you to see if you would like to access your information in this way.

You can hold the account, or someone else can hold it on your behalf with your consent.

Information contained in an account

Your account will contain the following information from your social care record:

  • Your basic details, including address, telephone numbers, date of birth
  • Names of professionals from Adult Social Services who are working with you
  • Any forms that you complete within the account
  • Copies of assessments, plans and other forms

These documents will contain sensitive information about:

  • Your support needs
  • Your health
  • Your history and family situation
  • Any services or support that you receive
  • Your financial situation

All this information will be visible to anyone who holds an account for you.

The benefits of an account

  • Sharing information - you can see information from your social care record
  • Convenience – you can access your account at any time to fill in a form or see a document
  • Security – A Social Care Online Account is more secure than email
  • In future, we will make more functions available

What you need to set up an account

  • An email address
  • A phone (landline or mobile)

Setting up an account

Once your worker has discussed it with you, they will send you an invite to set up an account.

Go to Setting up a social care online account for details on how to do this.

If you want to close your account

You can stop holding an account at any time. You can also stop someone else from holding an account on your behalf if you no longer wish them to manage it for you.

Contact your social care worker or team to ask for the account to be deactivated.

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