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Carer's personal budget

A carer personal budget is an amount of money paid by Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services.

You can apply for a carer personal budget if:

  • You have received a carers assessment from Norfolk County Council
  • You are an unpaid carer and care for someone living in Norfolk
  • You receive a carers assessment and it is evidenced your needs cannot be met by other means

The money is provided to help carers to pay for things to support them in their role. This enables carers to have greater control over the support they receive.

If you are eligible for support, you will receive a personal budget. The amount you receive depends on your situation, and is paid as a lump sum. This payment will cover a 12 month period after which your situation will be reviewed with you.

When you complete the assessment you create a support plan which shows how your support will be arranged, and how you spend your personal budget.

Rules about the carer's personal budget:

  • The carers personal budget is not an entitlement for all carers. It is provided when you have an identified need for support, which cannot be met by another means.
  • The carers personal budget can only be used to fund one item or service on each application
  • You can only receive one carers personal budget per year
  • The assessor will need to agree with you on how the budget is proposed to be used and receipts will need to be provided.

What to do with your personal budget

Your personal budget can be used creatively to support you to achieve your identified outcomes; it can be used to pay for anything that will support you in your caring role, on the basis it has been agreed as part of your support plan.

Other carers have used their personal budgets for:

  • Travel expenses or fees to take up leisure or education activities
  • Health promotion activities such as exercise classes, gym membership, massages or relaxation or complementary therapies
  • Practical things such as a washing machine or a computer
  • A short holiday to rest and recuperate
  • Driving lessons
  • Help with housework and gardening
  • A mobile phone
  • Leisure classes to relieve stress.

The budget cannot be spent on any illegal activities, or on alcohol, gambling or smoking. The council will ask you to evidence how you have spent the budget.

Get a carer's personal budget

Getting a carer's personal budget is not guaranteed, and can only be accessed by filling in a carer's assessment.

Find out about carer's assessments

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