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Benjiman Grapes, Norfolk Trails volunteer

Benjiman Grapes (Benji to everyone who knows him) volunteers with Norfolk Trails.

After being made redundant he became a volunteer and has been helping with construction work to improve disabled access to the North Norfolk coast at Holme.

The work has got him out and about and been good for both his physical and mental health.

Benji said: "Volunteering on the Norfolk Coastal Path has given me a much needed breath of fresh air in my current situation - literally and figuratively!

"Learning new skills, exercising old ones and seeing your efforts materialise in front of you is very rewarding. I get to meet regular trail users too; explain the work being carried out and see the appreciation.

"I regret I missed the work done at Burgh Castle! I would have loved working on that project as I grew up in the area.

"Volunteering with Norfolk Trails is keeping my spirits high at a time when I could just have easily been tearing my hair out."

Find out about volunteering on Norfolk Trails.

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