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Interreg 2 Seas

The UK is still a full member of the EU, and UK applicants are eligible for this funding Programme until the end of the current Programme period. The External Funding Team would urge potential applicants to make the most of the opportunity while it still exists and are here to help.  Email for more information.

The 2 Seas area covers the coastal regions of four EU member states along the southern North Sea and the Channel: England, Belgium (Flanders), France (Northern France) and the Netherlands. The eligible zone goes all the way from Cornwall to Norfolk in the UK and stretches from the Picardie Coast to Texel Island on the continental side. The programme map is available here.

As all projects must have as a main goal to 'overcome' the maritime border, they have to have at least one English partner and one from across the sea.

Case study
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RINSE (Reducing the Impacts of Non-native Species in Europe) 

This project sought to improve awareness of the threats posed by Invasive Non-Native Species (INS), and develop the methods used to address them.

Led by Norfolk County Council along with eight other partners from France, Belgium and The Netherlands, the project ran for three years with a total budget of €2.5m. Please note that this project was funded under the previous programme (2007-2013) and that the new programme (2014-2020) has different objectives.

Interreg 2 Seas programme


In the programme strategy, the objectives have been articulated into four priority axes and seven specific objectives.

1. Technological and social innovation

  • Improve the framework conditions for delivering innovation in 2 Seas regions
  • Enhance the delivery of innovation by relevant actors in 2 Seas key sectors
  • Develop social innovation in response to 2 Seas key societal challenges

2. Low carbon technologies

  • Increase the adoption of low-carbon technologies and applications by public/private organisations and citizens

3. Adaptation to climate change

  • Improve the adaptation capacity of public and private actors to better coordinate their climate change adaptation actions for stronger resilience

4. Resource efficient economy

  • Strengthen the efficient use of natural resources and materials through the adoption of new solutions for a greener economy
  • Increase the adoption of new circular economy solutions in the 2 Seas area


Match funding

The 2 Seas programme can co-finance projects by up to 60% of the eligible costs, which means that applicants must find 40% match funding.


Eligibility criteria

Any legal entity from the private or public sector within the programme area may be Lead Partner or Partner of a project and apply for funding.



Projects must involve partners from at least two different eligible countries. At least one of the partners must come from England.

The programme area is the coastal regions of four member states: France (Nord-Pas de Calais), England (SW, SE, E), Belgium (Flanders) and The Netherlands (south coastal area).

The partnership has to be balanced between the types of partners, and demonstrate its complementary and the specific contribution of each partner.


Call dates

The 2 Seas programme has a two-stage application procedure, the first step being the submission of a concept note. Then applicants are required to submit a full application.

The programme website has full information on calls for applications.


Additional information

You can find further information on the programme website.  Contact us at if you are considering applying to the programme and want some help.


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