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Protect Duty - Martyn's Law

The United Kingdom has suffered a number of recent low-sophistication terror attacks at public spaces, in addition to the devastation of larger-scale atrocities such as that at the Manchester Arena. Although terrorist attacks are rare the threat from terrorism is real and increasingly unpredictable, with public spaces and crowded areas being increasingly viewed as attractive targets. The Protect Duty, now to be known as ‘Martyn’s Law’, will ensure that security preparedness is delivered consistently across the UK, ensuring better protection of the public. The new duty will require venues to take steps to improve public safety, with measures dependent on the size of the venue and the activity taking place. Although it is expected that the legislation to establish Martyn’s Law will be introduced in 2023.

How Martyn’s Law will affect you or your business/organisation

See the Martyn's Law factsheet for more information and to see the requirements for each tier.

Free training

ACT Awareness will provide nationally recognised corporate counter terrorism guidance to help people better understand, and mitigate against, current terrorist methodology. Find training via the Protect UK website