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1 Viewing contract documents (ISOs)

The ability to view and manage ISOs.  There is a function to download into a PDF document and ability to accept and reject authorisation.

2 Viewing Care Package Line Items (service agreements)

The ability to view all Care Package Line Items and download into an Excel spreadsheet displaying cost and breakdown of care.

3 Adding contacts

The ability to add employees to use various functions of the Portal for information and payment.


4 Amending organisation details

The ability to manage contact information like address, phone and email details for your organisation and services.


5 Amending Actuals (Care Provided) via the calendar screen)

The ability to manually upload Actuals to a Service Users Care Package Line Items on a weekly basis.


6 Adding an Aborted Visit via the calendar screen

The ability to add and record Aborted Visits.


7 Downloading Actuals

The ability to download data on a four-weekly basis for all services into an Excel spreadsheet to manually update the actuals.

8 Uploading Actuals

The ability to upload Actuals after you have downloaded the file from the Portal or the ability to upload Actuals straight from your own systems.

9 Creating your Invoice

The ability to create and submit an Invoice for payment electronically after uploading actuals.

10 Viewing the Remittance Advice

The ability to view and download a detailed Remittance Advice for services provided after the payment has been processed.

11  Communicating with Norfolk County Council Teams via the Portal

The ability to communicate with various Norfolk County Council teams regarding payments, care documentation and procurement contracts.


12 Over Exception Level Invoice Submission

The ability to communicate with the Service Brokerage Team to resolve over Exception Level queries and create Invoices for payment after resolution.

13 Viewing Scheduled Payments

The ability to view a scheduled payment (automatic payment every four weeks) a few days before receiving payment to communicate any amendments.


14 Unplanned Absence Claim

The ability to create a one-off claim for unplanned absence electronically for payment.

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