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Norfolk Against Scams Partnership (NASP) Charter

Members of the Norfolk Against Scams Partnership (NASP) are asked to sign up to the NASP Charter:

We will work together in partnership to raise awareness of scams. Scams are fraud, and fraud is crime. Together we will take a stand against scams by assisting people to protect themselves, helping prevent people from being targeted by criminals; and identifying and supporting any victims of scams.

We are committed to the Charter’s four key aims:

1 Raising awareness of scams

  • Improve public awareness of scams and increase knowledge about the steps people can take to protect themselves
  • Remove any possible stigma and embarrassment about being a victim of scams and ensure victims are supported like victims of other crimes
  • Participate in the Friends Against Scams initiative, and run awareness raising sessions
  • Share consistent messaging to the public and media

2 Prevention and protection

  • Increase the protection that everyone, and especially people in vulnerable circumstances, should have against scams
  • Take steps to make it more difficult for people to be targeted by criminals
  • Introduce stronger barriers and safeguards on the mechanisms used by perpetrators to reach their victims

3 Identification and recording

  • Improve the identification of victims of scams and ensure they are offered appropriate support and access to justice
  • Introduce consistent definitions and recording of scams to aid understanding of the true scale of the impact of scams
  • Develop improved joint working and referral pathways between organisations and common support pathways for victims

4 Enforcement, access to justice and restoration

  • Ensure appropriate remedies and ongoing support is provided to victims of scams, including appropriate financial support to those who have lost money
  • Seek to prosecute perpetrators and achieve justice for victims
  • Enforce effective punishments and deterrents against perpetrators, including cancelling of contracts, fines and seizing of assets
  • Seek to restore a sense of wellbeing and confidence to victims

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