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Animal welfare

If you keep livestock, the main areas of legislation you should be aware of relate to livestock identification, transportation, record keeping, feeding, fallen stock and welfare.

We give advice and check the welfare of livestock and the conditions in which they are being kept.

Generally, we only inspect farmed livestock ie cattle, pigs, sheep, goats and poultry but we also inspect horses.

Where necessary, we will take enforcement action. This is usually a statutory notice, which details the steps the owner must to improve the welfare of an animal. In extreme cases, we have powers to seize livestock and care for the animals while taking legal action against the owner.

If you find a welfare issue on a farm report it to us immediately via our partners the Citizens Advice consumer service on freephone 0808 223 1133.

We are not responsible for the welfare of domestic pets. The RSPCA may be willing to investigate complaints relating to the welfare of other animals such as domestic pets.

Advice and guidance

Business Companion provides a wide range of animal and agriculture guides covering the law on the welfare of livestock, including transport, diseases, animal/pet feed and disposal of animal by-products and dead animals.

The website carries guidance and advice on keeping farmed animals and animal welfare, including:

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