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Weighs of different sizes

Norfolk Calibration Services is open for business as usual throughout this pandemic, as we're an essential service providing support to the public and private sectors.

Weights and measures legislation controls all weighing or measuring equipment in use for trade purposes.

Trade purposes refers to when you buy and sell using the equipment.

Most of the equipment must be of an approved form. It must also be 'passed as fit for use for trade' by:

  • An Inspector of Weights and Measures
  • A notified body
  • The manufacturer or their authorised representative
  • An installer or repairer

Equipment must be suitable for its intended purpose and sufficiently accurate. There are two different types of verification, commonly referred to as EC and UK:

  • EC verification is for instruments that have a Type Approval Certificate or Type Examination Certificate. An EU member state will issue these for use anywhere within the EU.
  • UK verification is for equipment that in most cases has a Section 12 Notice of Approval. The National Measurement Office issue these for use within the UK.

The UK's departure from the European Union

We've already prepared for the UK's exit from the European Union and we'll continue to service your needs.

We're becoming a UK Approved Body. We'll be able to verify instruments within the classifications below that bear the UKCLA marks. We'll also provide re-qualifications on instruments as normal.

Verification categories

As lead partner of the EETSA notified body No. 0922 verifications we can verify (conformity assess):

  • Non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) of:
    • Class I up to 25kg (eg analytical scales)
    • Class II up to 100kg (eg jeweller's scale)
    • Class III up to 60,000 kg (eg weighbridges)
    • Class IIII up to 60,000 kg (eg weighbridges)
  • Measuring Instruments (MID) of:
    • Automatic catchweighers
    • Automatic checkweighers (non-prescribed)
    • Automatic weighing instruments - automatic gravimetric weighing instruments
    • Fuel dispensers

For UK verifications we can requalify:

  • Non-automatic weighing machines of:
    • Class l up to 25kg
    • Class ll up to 100kg
    • Class lll up to 100,000kg
    • Class llll up to 100,000kg
  • Automatic weighing machines - various types
  • Liquid fuel measuring instruments (eg petrol pumps)
  • Weights (and verify)
  • Bulk fuel metering systems used for heating fuel

Visit our verification fees and charges schedule

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