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Information for professionals working with victims of domestic abuse

Encouraging disclosures

Advice and tips about how to encourage disclosures

Responding to disclosures

Advice about how and when to respond to disclosures

Risk assessment

Guidance about risk assessment and the DASH tool

Safety planning

Safety planning is an essential part of supporting someone who is or has experienced domestic abuse.

Information sharing

Guidance about information sharing and the Data Protection Act

Multi agency safeguarding hub MASH

Information for professionals working with MASH

Childrens Advice and Duty Service CADS

How professionals working with a child or young person in a formal or voluntary setting can raise a concern with CADS

Clares Law

Further information from Norfolk Constabulary on domestic abuse including Clare's Law

The Multi Agency Risk Assessment Co-ordination (MARAC)

The MARAC aims to reduce the risk of serious harm or death for the victim

Children and young people

Includes Children affected by domestic abuse, Teenage relationships and Children behaving abusively


Includes Advice for frontline workers, Domestic abuse intervention programmes

Domestic abuse change champions

Champions are trained to develop knowledge on asking, responding, and supporting people affected by domestic abuse

So called honour based abuse

Includes Honour-based abuse information for professionals, Female genital mutilation and Forced marriage

Domestic Homicide Reviews

Details of current and previous domestic homicide reviews in Norfolk

Support services

Details of domestic abuse support services for professionals