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Employers and workplace policies

Domestic abuse destroys the lives of victims. It also has significant consequences for their employers throughout the country. The cost to UK business is £1.9 billion per year through time taken off work due to the injuries of those abused.

54% of victims miss at least three days of work a month due to the abuse. Victims are also more likely to be preoccupied, find it difficult to concentrate and focus at work and experience a diminished chance of advancement within their workplace.

Employers are well placed to support victims to stay safe and it makes good business sense too. Employers can offer support to employees who perhaps don't know which way to turn, and provide them with a safe working environment.

Support and resources for employers

Some best practice guidelines for drafting domestic abuse policies:

The Vodaphone Foundation have produced a toolkit to enable managers to help any affected employees to get the support they need. Download the toolkit from their website (opens new window). Vodaphone have also shared useful images and videos on their Flickr photostream (opens new window).

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