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Make Halloween a treat this year by not being tricked by fire hazards

Norfolk County Council, 21 October 2022 00:00

Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service are reminding residents to make Halloween a treat this year by not being tricked by fire hazards.

There are many ways to enjoy Halloween safely and this year, NFRS would like to remind residents of some useful fire safety tips to keep your family safe.

If you are planning to decorate your home with jack o lanterns on the night, consider replacing the candles with battery operated tea lights. Over 300 people are injured by candle flames in the UK each year and unattended candles are a common cause of housefires. Battery operated tea lights carry far less of a fire risk than burning candles. If a lantern is knocked over a fire can quickly spread, something the battery operated lights will not do: consider making this simple change to keep your home safe.

Many bonfires and firework displays are held in Norfolk over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period. Where possible, always consider attending organised events, managed by trained individuals, rather than hosting your own at home.

Tony White, Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service's Head of Prevention and Protection, said: "Organisers of bonfires and fireworks displays are trained and have safety measures in place, making them a much safer environment than events held in private gardens. The service always advise that residents enjoy Halloween and Bonfire Night safely at these public, licensed events due to their rigid safety regulations which allow us all to enjoy the festivities safely."

Children going trick or treating can be kept safe by ensuring they take care in their fancy dress. Unfortunately, fancy dress costumes have been implicated in several serious incidents. They can burn rapidly with contact with an open flame, such as a candle or open fire. When wearing costumes, stay away from open fires, wood burners and any bonfires you may attend. Check that all Halloween and fancy-dress costumes you buy carry a UKCA or UKNI mark on the label. By staying a safe distance from any flames or heat sources, the risk is reduced and Halloween parties and trick or treating can be safe and fun.

If a costume that you or anyone is wearing catches fire, remember to stop, drop to the floor, and roll around to smother the flames to put them out. This is the best way to put out a clothing fire and could save you from serious burn injuries.

Norfolk County Council's Cabinet Member for Communities and Partnerships, Councillor Margaret Dewsbury, said: "Families across Norfolk will be enjoying Halloween and Bonfire Night and I urge them to do so safely. A fire can spread quickly, so please remember to take care and always read labels on costumes carefully and learn the fire risks."

Our crews are ready all year round, so if you do spot a fire please stay a safe distance from the blaze, stay calm and phone 999 and ask for the fire service. Never try and tackle a fire by yourself, our crews are trained professionals and will extinguish the fire safely.

Last modified: 14 May 2024 12:44

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