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Telling readers how to get a document interpreted or translated

A hand reading braille

We aim to make sure our service users can access and understand the information we provide. We provide interpreting and translation services through INTRAN (opens new window).

The INTRAN service helps someone get information in an understandable format or language. For example, Braille, large print, or audio. Read more about our interpreting and translation service.

It is important to tell readers how to get a document interpreted or translated. An INTRAN statement on your document makes people aware of the reasonable adjustments we can make. 

Remember - adding an INTRAN statement to a document does not mean the document is now accessible. Our accessibility guide tells you how to create accessible content step-by-step. This includes Word and PDF documents.

When to add an INTRAN statement to a document

It depends on the size and target audience of your document on whether you need an INTRAN statement. But, you can add them to any document if you like.

For example, we added INTRAN statements to many of our coronavirus documents. This was because it was important information that applied to everyone in Norfolk.  

Even if you don't put a statement on your document, readers can still request it in a different format or language. But by including the INTRAN statement, you're making it easier to know exactly how to ask for this service. We encourage you to think about adding an INTRAN statement to your documents.

You can add statements to both digital and print documents. 

How to add an INTRAN statement to a document 

Your must brief customer services before adding an INTRAN statement to your document. Email them at so they know what to do if they get contacted by customers. You must check with customer services first if you want to change contact details in the standard INTRAN statement.

To add the statement to your document, add the statement along with the INTRAN logo. Our logo guidelines page explains how to get the INTRAN logo. 

"If you need this document in large print, in audio, Braille, in an alternative format or in another language, please contact customer services on 0344 800 8020. Or for Text Relay, call 18001 0344 800 8020 (text phone) and we will do our best to help you."  

You should usually add the INTRAN statement at the end of the document. If it's a long document, you can add it before the contents. Include a clear heading before the INTRAN statement, using the appropriate heading style.

For example: How to request this information in an alternative format or language. Add the statement below your heading, with the INTRAN logo below this. You'll need to give the INTRAN logo alt text. Use the alt text 'INTRAN logo'. Read how to add alt text to images in your Word document .

Avoid using tables to format the statement and logo so they are side-by-side. Content in tables can be difficult for some people to access.

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