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Webpages in the Care, support and health section

How adult social care works

How adult social care works, including where to get help and paying for care

Help to stay at home

Help to live independently in your home. Includes making adaptions, care and support at home and getting out and about

Get help with looking after someone

Support, advice and information for carers, including carers assessments and emergency plans

Choosing where to live

Information to help you choose where to live if your current home is no longer meeting your needs

Health and wellbeing

Advice on a range of health topics for adults and children, including coronavirus

Protecting someone from harm

How to report concerns about an adult who may be at risk of abuse. Make a safeguarding report.

Contact our adult social care team

How to contact our adult social care team

Information for care providers

Information for care professionals and organisations

Information, advice and advocacy

Contact Your Norfolk Advice Network for information, help and support on a range of topics