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Give home composting a go this Compost Awareness Week

Norfolk County Council, 9 May 2024 12:10

To mark Compost Awareness Week (6 - 12 May), Norfolk County Council is encouraging people who are interested in home composting but haven't yet started to give it a try. 

Cllr James Bensly, Cabinet Member for Environment said, "We know that many people are interested in home composting but are put off because they think it's too difficult to get started. But it's really quite simple and there's a lot of guidance available to help get you up and running. Norfolk County Council has a team of Master Composter volunteers who offer expert advice at events and online and there's also an easy step-by-step guide available through Norfolk Recycles. 

"Composting is great for your garden and for the environment. We're continuing to offer subsidised compost bins which helps the council save an estimated £1.7 million each year in avoided disposal costs and since 2002 has seen around 15,675 tonnes of waste being composted at home each year." 

Anyone who's feeling inspired can meet the council's Master Composters at an event at Pensthorpe. The event takes place in the car park on Thursday 23 May from 11am to 3pm. Reduced price compost bins will be available to purchase, with prices starting from just £15 (card payments only). 

Join the 1000s of people in Norfolk who are already composting at home including: 

Louise from Thetford

Louise has been home composting for 20 years. "My mum was a Master Composter so I grew up saving peelings to compost. When I first started composting at home I made the mistake of putting lots of worm damaged apples into the mix and ended up with a stinking bin. I've learned that a good combination of fruit and veg waste and other compostable material is best - everything in moderation. But also not to overthink it! Luckily mum is on hand to give me advice." 

Pat from Rackheath 

"When I moved to my current home, I had very little knowledge of gardening and none at all about composting. I was buying in compost and bark chips to try and improve the soil. It was expensive and time consuming and hauling it in and out of the car was not easy.  

"I thought there must be a better way.  I bought a small compost bin and started filling it up. It soon got very smelly and compacted. I had no idea I needed to mix brown carbon waste in with the green nitrogen waste. I started asking friends, acquaintances and people at work how they made usable compost. I also read articles in newspapers and magazines. 

"At the time, I hadn't heard about Norfolk County Council's Master Composter Volunteers but if I'd had access to their expertise, it would have saved me so much time and effort. In the end I became so fascinated by the whole process of composting and how wonderfully beneficial it is to me, the soil and the planet that I trained as a Master Composter and have been spreading the message ever since." 

To learn how to compost at home visit 

To get your cut price compost bin, visit, call 0800 316 445 or buy one at your local recycling centre. 

Last modified: 14 May 2024 13:23

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