Earlham Library registration office


Earlham Library, Colman Road, Norwich, NR4 7HG

Earlham Library registration office is accessed through the Library.  There is a waiting area just before the door to the registration office, where customers will be met by the registrar at their appointment time.

Opening times

By appointment only

The office is open by appointment only. If you turn up without an appointment you will not be able to speak to a registrar.

Tuesday to Thursday 10am-4.30pm

Friday 11am-4.30pm

Saturday 10am-4pm

Please be aware that our doors are automated to open at 10am exactly.


There is limited parking on site. Street parking is available close by or in front of the shops.

Contact us

You will need to make an appointment if you want to:

In an emergency the police can contact a registrar. Call 101 and ask for the control room.

We will process a range of information in order to complete this registration. Read our information and privacy notice.