Skip licences

You need a licence to place a skip on a public highway (verge, path or road).  You need to complete an application every time a skip is placed.  This is a statutory requirement as specified in Section 139 of the Highways Act 1980.

We will ask companies that place a skip on the highway without a licence to remove the structure or apply for a licence immediately.  We may also notify the police.

A licence is not required if the skip is to be placed on private property.

Minimum public liability insurance cover required for this application is £5m.

You can now pay for your licence using the online application form.

Please note, the fees for skips and scaffolding licences will be increasing from 1 July 2023. Read this letter for more information.

Before you begin your application

  • You will be asked to upload copies of your public liability insurance policy, waste carrier's certificate and a drawing or picture to show the proposed position of the skip.  You will find example drawings below.
  • You will need to register for a My Norfolk account.  Please register using your business details and company email address.
  • Skip licence terms and conditions

Apply for a skip licence

For information on safety at street and road works go to the GOV.UK website.

Example drawings

Guarding of a single skip


Guarding of a double skip


Markings, signage and positioning

Specification about design (marking regulations 1984)


  1. The width of each half of the marking shall be neither less than 140mm nor more than 280mm
  2. The length of each half of the marking shall be neither less than 350mm nor more than 700mm
  3. The angle of each stripe shall be not less than 40 degrees to neither the vertical nor more than 50 degrees to the vertical
  4. Each half of the marking shall have a minimum area of 980cm2
  5. The breadth of each stripe shall be neither less than 133mm nor more than 147mm