Tenders, contracts and procurement

All our tenders, and those of many other local buyers, are listed on Contracts Finder and on our twitter feed Twitter feed.

We hold a “concept viability” event before every tendered procurement, to:

  • Discuss our ideas
  • Make sure that our lotting strategy, specification and minimum standards do not put bidders off

These events are advertised on Contracts Finder and on Twitter. New suppliers are particularly welcome.

We have eliminated pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQs) for tenders under £100,000 and use them sparsely for larger procurements. We have adopted the Cabinet Office standard PQQ for procurements when a shortlisting stage is unavoidable.

We have reviewed our required insurance levels. We don’t require you to have insurance in order to tender, but if you win the contract, you will need to take relevant insurance out.

We will give you full details of scores achieved, and the reasons for scoring, in feedback for each tender.

Getting work from Norfolk County Council

If you would like to do business with us, there are some simple rules.

Never start work without a valid purchase order number: without this, payment may be delayed or withheld.

You will need to:

  • Accept payment straight into your bank account by BACS
  • Provide an email address for orders and remittance advices
  • Submit tenders electronically via our tendering website

You should always:

  • Send your invoice directly to the address given in the purchase order (preferably by email)
  • Quote the purchase order number on the invoice

We try to minimise bureaucracy, but we expect you to run your business competently. You must:

  • Hold necessary insurance, licences and permits
  • Comply with employment and immigration law
  • Pay your employees and sub-contractors on time
  • Manage health, safety and environmental compliance properly

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