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Food standards

The Food Safety Act requires food to be:

  • Safe and free from contamination
  • Of the nature, substance and quality demanded by the consumer
  • Honestly described and presented

Norfolk Trading Standards offer advice for anyone who produces or sells food and drink products within Norfolk and explain law requirements relating to the labelling and composition of food products.

We are responsible for the enforcement of legislation relating to food standards.  As part of this role, officers regularly take samples of food for analysis.  Formal food samples may be used as evidence in legal proceedings.  The analysis is normally carried out by an independent Public Analyst whose qualifications and facilities are determined by law.

Food sampling - a guide on what to expect

Advice and guidance

Business and industry advice from the FSA - The Food Standards Agency addresses food safety issues at every stage of the chain, providing information and guidance on best practice and legal requirements.

Business Companion: food and drink provides advice and guidance on what the law says on preparing and selling food and drink, including hygiene, composition, labelling and packing.

Food labelling: giving food information to consumers - Find out the information you must give to customers on food products and how to give it at

Food sold at farmers markets – a brief guide for businesses selling at farmers markets covering labelling, weights and measures, pricing and business names.

Pocket Guide to EU’s fish labelling and aquaculture rules - This pocket guide explains what must appear on the new labels and what additional information can be displayed. 

Materials and articles in contact with food - Guidance for businesses that use materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.

Norfolk County Council Trading Standards is responsible for enforcing the Food Information Regulations 2014.

More about Food Information Regulations Enforcement

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