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Business continuity

Business continuity means thinking about your organisation and the things which could adversely affect it, then putting plans in place to deal with them and recover from the disruption.

Your business could be affected by things like:

  • Bad weather
  • Power failure
  • ICT interruptions
  • A breakdown in your supply chain
  • Staff illness

Research shows that a robust business continuity plan can help you withstand problems like these and continue to deliver your services and communicate with your customers.

Whatever the size of your business or organisation, it doesn't have to take up too much of your time. Think about:

Business continuity management (BCM) - programme management

  • Who will lead the process
  • Who will support the process
  • Who do you need buy in from

Understanding your organisation

Carry out a business impact analysis. This identifies and documents your key functions and services, what activities and resources are required to deliver these, and the impact that disruption to these activities would have on your organisation.

Determining BCM strategy

What can you do now to ensure that you are able to maintain the critical activities that underpin the delivery of your organisation’s functions and services following a disruption? This may include multi-skill training of your staff, identifying other places you could work from and backing up crucial data off site.

Developing and implementing BCM response

Write your plan. There are links below that will direct you to websites where you can download a template.

Exercising, maintaining and reviewing your BCM arrangements

It's a continuous process. The plans should be reviewed and tested regularly.

Embedding BCM in the organisation’s culture

Make it business as usual. Make your staff aware of the business continuity arrangements and the role they need to play. This can be done through training and exercises. It could also be part of team meetings and discussions.

Find out more

The Norfolk Prepared website has more guidance on business continuity and how to implement it within your organisation.

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