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Children's health and wellbeing

  • Sport and activity options for youngsters
  • Child development guidance and information on 'The Shared Review', a health and education review for two-year-olds
  • How to help your child get ready for starting school, including details about the school readiness health check
  • The new ‘go to’ NHS health website for families in Norfolk
  • Health visiting service for 0-5s and how to contact your health visitor
  • The school nursing service is for all statutory school age children and their families
  • Information and services for children with speech, language and communication needs
  • Support with breastfeeding your baby
  • Safer sleeping advice for parents and carers of young babies
  • Help for children for drug or alcohol use, or those with family members with a problem
  • Advice about infectious diseases and environmental hazards, such as flu and MRSA
  • How to get vouchers for milk, fruit, vegetables and vitamins
  • Free support sessions to help families eat healthily

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