Client Hardship Service (CHS)

What is it?

The Client Hardship Service (CHS) was formerly known as Norfolk Assistance Scheme (NAS).

CHS can help you get support and financial assistance for food, energy, water and other essential household items, including white goods, smart phones and laptops (with the support of your support worker). Do you fall into any of these groups:

  • Working on a low income
  • Working and receiving a means tested benefit
  • Claiming benefits
  • Disabled/pensioner
  • Caring for someone
  • Trying to get back into work
  • Unexpected expenditure. 

If you are eligible, we can:

  • Give support, guidance and advice
  • Assess your application to decide of you are eligible for assistance with food and energy
  • Assess your application to decide if you are eligible for essential household items if required.

You will need to complete an application with evidence of your financial situation.