Doing the laundry

Talk about where clothes go

  • Name the clothes as you take them out of the washing machine ‘I’ve found a sock, that goes on our foot’
  • Ask your child to tell you where clothes go – tell or show them if they’re not sure
  • Be silly and say the wrong thing and see if your child can correct you – ‘trousers go on my head’

Following instructions

  • Ask your child to find things that you name – e.g. ‘can you find a t-shirt?’ or show them a picture of the item you want them to find. Remember to say the word at the same time!
  • You could also ask them to find things by description, e.g. ‘can you find something red/something stripey/spotty?’

Learning describing words

  • What’s wet/dry, clean/dirty? You could also talk about things being the same or different
  • Hold up a piece of clothing and ask your child to find something that’s the same/different
  • Who does it belong to? Is it Daddy’s, is it Mummy’s?
  • Talk about the colour of the clothes and what they are called
  • Use words “in” and “out” of the washing machine while you’re putting the clothes in or taking them out

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Doing the Laundry - Talk and Play with the Early Childhood and Family Service

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