When you are outside, listen for different sounds. Can you hear cars? Can you hear birds? What’s that sound?

For older children

Play I spy the traditional way by asking them to find something that begins with a certain sound. Use sounds, not letters – something beginning with ‘sss’, not ‘ess’.

For younger children

Use descriptions

e.g. ‘I spy with my little eye something that is red’ or ‘I spy with my little eye something that you could play on’.

Go on a treasure hunt in the garden or on a walk

  • Before you go out, draw a list of things to find – e.g. a leaf, a stone, a flower
  • You could also find things by description, for example, something that is green, something that is spikey – try to add pictures to match each object they need to find

Play Simon Says

A fun game for following instructions and promoting attention and listening. Simon Says:

  • Find a leaf (vocabulary)
  • Find a ball and a put it on your head (following more than one bit of information)
  • Jump (action)
  • Run fast (action and description)
  • Find something green (finding things by description)

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