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Early help and family support

What is early help and family support?

If you are experiencing difficulties in your family or are worried about your children, there are people who can offer help and support. Difficulties could be:

  • Mental health problems
  • Domestic abuse at home
  • Drug or alcohol dependency
  • Your child not going to school
  • Struggling as a lone parent
  • Debt problems
  • Housing problems

If you need more help than your usual support network - for example your health visitor, child’s school, doctor or the Early Childhood and Family Service (ECFS) - the family support process can help.

Get early help and family support

Request early help and support
'Providing early help is more effective in promoting the welfare of children than reacting later' Department of Education
We  want to give the right help to children and families at the earliest opportunity

Family support process 

The family support process is when professionals work with you and your family. A professional could be:

  • Your child's teacher, parent support advisor or special educational needs coordinator (SENCo)
  • Early Childhood and Family Service (ECFS) staff
  • Your health visitor or doctor
  • A housing officer
  • Job Centre staff

They will start an early help assessment and create a family support delivery plan. Everyone can work with you on making change. 

Read more about the family support process

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