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Family learning

If you're a mum, dad, grandparent or carer for a young child then the most important teacher in that child's life is you.

We offer family learning courses in lots of places around Norfolk, including primary schools, libraries and community centres.

All our courses are for parents, carers and grandparents of pre-school and primary aged children.

They're free and fun and give you the opportunity to brush up on your own skills, which will help your children learn.

The courses support early reading, writing, counting and communication skills. They also cover healthy eating, creative arts and fun activities to help children learn indoors and outside.

We also offer the fantastic 'Keeping Up with the Children' courses in English or maths. These show you how your children are taught these subjects at school so you can help with homework and further learning outside the classroom.

Taster sessions

  • Let's Get Crafty
  • Taste of Play, English or Maths
  • Taster - Ready for School
  • Taster - Fun with Dinosaurs
  • Taster - Nature Explorers
  • Taster - Mission Control

Family learning sessions

  • Sharing Books
  • Family Health
  • Good 2B Me
  • Family Arts
  • Learning through Play
  • Family English
  • Communication Matters
  • Let's Write Together
  • Step in to Storysacks
  • Family Maths

Keeping up with the children sessions

  • Keeping up with the Children – English
  • Keeping up with the Children - Maths

You can't enrol for these courses online so if you're interested email

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